For reliable and safe storage services in Albany

At some point in their life, everyone runs out of space! It could be a case of needing extra storage space for the company files, or the kids moving back home, but when the need arises, you need storage space fast. Safe storage in Albany is what we specialise in creating.

Over the years we have come to realise that a lot of our clients would like to use a storage facility during a move, renovations or for other reasons. We also found that many customers were not happy with storage services that others offer because often you are required to purchase space in excess of what you actually need and that does not seem fair — paying for empty storage space.

We have since set-up our own secure storage facility in Albany and are able to offer better than the market rate per square meter for our customers.

Call us now for a quote on our storage rates. Our staff will be happy to help. We look forward to taking your call. Ask about our package deals on moving, storage and packing materials.

Customer service and administration

Our customer service and admin team sign in all of your items and are responsible for all files and forms required when using Spot On Removals in Albany.

For any concerns, issues or questions about your storage unit or a store room at Spot On Removals, you can rely on our helpful customer service team.

For your convenience, we also have a 24 hour customer care service line for emergencies.

Woman packs her belonging in storage in Albany